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After finishing my studies in energy policy about a year ago, I quickly realised I wanted to share what I've learned about sustainability and the challenges we face as a civilisation. Yes, this is both a generational and civilisational battle. 

I wanted to engage with information and content, as I have always been fascinated by the pace of change, the pace of innovation and this intersection of climate, policy and technology. It is through this dynamic trilemma that energy, climate and people will thrive and coalesce. 

Providing good information with a nuanced and objective point of view is anything but evident. In fact, it seems to me that we are inundated with information about it every day.

Which state is pushing what policy or what company has received funding for what innovative piece of technology. 

Change is happening, that is undeniable. But is it happening at the pace it should be? Probably not.

So there's a lot that can be done to raise awareness and take action. I want to inscribe myself in this trend and pursuit. I want to make people even more aware than what they really are and hopefully create a larger initiative and movement that is climate aware. 

Frankly, I don't want to make this long, I just want to make it simple and concise for you to read. I also want to thank you for stepping by. 🙏

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